Forum Members Review Chemena Kamali’s Highly-Anticipated Debut as Chloé Creative Director

Day three of Paris Fashion Week and Chemena Kamali just made her highly-anticipated debut as creative director of Chloé and theFashionSpot’s verdict is in. Ever since Kamali was announced as Gabriela Hearst’s replacement at the famed French fashion house back in October 2023, the suspense and anticipation has been mounting. A teaser campaign was revealed earlier this month featuring a handful of Chloé muses both past and present, and Kamali’s vision was finally unveiled to its full momentum during today’s show. Strongly influenced by the Karl Lagerfeld era during the 70s, Kamali presented an array of soft, feminine and romantic silhouettes. From an instantly-covetable logo belt to desirable thigh-high boots – Chemena revived Chloé with an effortless ease.

Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Looooove it! It has the Chloé energy from the early 2000! Very well made, the three last dresses are sooo beautiful. Easy, uncomplicated, unpretentious, cool, and the colors are nice – we needed that! Bravo Chemena! Chloé is BACK!” [Creative]

“Amazing debut ! Chloé is back. Last time it was interesting was when Natasha took the helm. Minus the bags, I enjoyed everything! Well Done!” [GivenchyAddict]

“Wonderful debut! It was a really emotional moment because it was a much-needed comeback of everything Chloé actually stands for. Especially the flou, something Hearst didn’t understand well, was strong and convincing. Some of the pieces were a bit questionable but as a whole, this collection is fantastic and will sell like crazy! Thank God we’ve all survived Hearst’s dreadful tenure, because this one is going to be good. Bravo Chemena!” [perhydrol]

“So gentle and romantic. After Hearst’s overly serious tenure, I’m so grateful for the return of flou and soft colors. Very strong debut and a potential redemption arc for Chloé!” [LadyJunon]

“I am sipping a flute of champagne right now because I am so happy! Great to have you back Chloé – it’s been a while. I missed you. So so many great pieces I want to wear right now. I loved the attitude, the style, everything.” [VERNIQUE]

“Such an awesome debut. Go Girl! Give us the spirit of Chloé back!” [FashionFanatico]

“I’m sat here just as impressed as everyone else – Chemena Kamali delivered and I’m so proud. This whole collection just feels like it’s right on the money to propel Chloé back where it belongs, and everything has been executed wonderfully (including the guest sat front row like Sienna Miller, Jerry Hall and Pat Cleveland). Soft, feminine, romantic, wearable… the list goes on!” [vogue28]

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